Introducing Eklinic

Eklinic brings care to where patients and doctors are. With multiway video, self-scheduling, new diagnostic devices and an SDK to embed telehealth into your products – Eklinic is a game changer.

Where the patients are, where the doctors are

Eklinic enhances the experience for patients and doctors. Patients get better access to care and doctors get more options for expanding care delivery.

Mobile SDK

Clients can plug in telehealth with the industry's first mobile software development kit. Health systems can add online video doctor visits into their native mobile apps, making on-demand care a part of their consumer experience.

Multiway Video

Our multiway video solution is another industry first. It enables joint doctor appointments for more immediate team-based care of patients. Multiway video allows a patient or doctor to invite other participants, such as a specialist, family member, caregiver, or language translator, into a live, video visit.

Telemed Sidekick App

Our new mobile app, Sidekick, supplements a live video consultation with ../images taken on the iPhone. Doctors can now easily snap and send pictures of EKGs, Xrays, patient history, and more to a specialist consulting through our Telemed Tablet. ../images are not saved or stored after the visit, protecting patient privacy and ensuring compliance.


We now offer on-demand and scheduled online doctor visits for mobile and web. Patients can continue to use on demand for acute care. The new self-scheduling option allows patients to get care when they need it, at times that fit into their schedules. Providers can use dedicated telehealth time slots to fit in more visits.


Insight puts information from any outside system in front of a doctor during a telehealth visit—patient history, gaps in care, and disease management checklists. With Eklinic, Insight extends to content that is relevant to entire populations—referral instructions, prescription guidelines, and wellness program updates go live to providers immediately.

Where the patients are, where the doctors are

Eklinic enhances the experience for patients and doctors. Patients get better access to care and doctors get more options for expanding care delivery.


Eklinic puts telehealth in every doctor's hands —on their own terms—so they can expand care delivery models that support the highest quality care for their patients.

New in Eklinic:

  • Enhanced scheduling tools – on demand or scheduled
  • Guidelines to treat entire populations through Insight API
  • Invite additional participants to a visit with multiway video
  • New Telemed Tablet functionality – PTZ camera
  • Sidekick app to snap photos and send to consulting providers

Use with Existing Key Features:

  • Live video visits on mobile and web
  • Telephone visits via the concierge service
  • Secure messaging
  • Provider-initiated visits
  • eRX and medication history through Surescripts


Eklinic brings the doctor wherever patients are. With new scheduling tools and the ability to invite anyone into their video visits, Eklinic brings telehealth to the next level.

New in Eklinic:

  • Self-scheduling – by preferred date or doctor
  • Invite caregivers and family to a visit with multiway video
  • Pre-visit chat in the app
  • Share your visit summary with your PCP
  • Updated mobile app interface

Use with Existing Key Features:

  • Live video visits on web and mobile
  • Telephone visits via the concierge service
  • Co-pay management
  • Apple Health integration
  • Patient PHR/visit record

Curbside consults just keep getting better

The Telemed Tablet has revolutionized traditional telemedicine consults by increasing access to scarce clinical resources across health systems. Specialists can be called to any patient's bedside for real-time provider-to-provider consults. New features and functionality make it possible for providers to do a complete remote exam.

New in Eklinic

  • Telemed Tablet Sidekick app
  • Paired diagnostic devices—dermatoscope, otoscope, and stethoscope
  • Remote-controlled Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera
  • Add up to 12 specialties
  • FDA Class 1 device


American Well's unique infrastructure allows organizations to develop a telehealth offering that goes beyond urgent care. Create virtual practices that mirror existing brick-and-mortar locations and specialty departments, or create totally new online-only practices.


American Well's off-the-shelf and custom integrations make it easy for doctors to get access to the right data at the right time. Our robust suite of APIs and web services create a seamless relationship between our platform and your system of record—including bidirectional exchange of information with EMRs.

On-demand kiosk visits

This "walk-in" clinic alternative brings healthcare to any location—from worksites to retail pharmacies to your local community center. Staff kiosks with your providers or ours. Integrated devices provide additional clinical insight.


  • No attendant required
  • Integrated peripheral and biometric devices
  • Remote-controlled Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameraTouchscreen interface
  • Choose from three models – booth, desktop, console
  • FDA Class 1 device

Best-in-class telehealth technology

Our technology combines a rich user experience, deep healthcare integration, advanced analytics, and defense-grade security. The result is the industry's only telehealth platform that enables integrated care delivery across an entire healthcare system, or even between systems.


Real-time eligibility calls are used to verify coverage, services and copays. Claims are automatically generated.


Clinical Data Exchange solutions for individual providers, EMR integration for health systems.

Medical Insights

Analytic system data (e.g., gaps-in-care) is shown to doctors real-time during visits.


Our convenient admin interface allows complete practice management.


Through our certification, doctors can access patient medication history real-time.

Apple Health

Our integration with Apple Health makes patient monitoring easier than ever.

Google Maps

Patients can find their pharmacy for easy, convenient prescription pick-up.


Credit card processing, FSA, and other payment types through TransFirst.

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